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Kinofest presents AVON Movie for Life 2 – the social short film competition

We proudly announce the second edition of the AVON Movie for Life short film competition, a parralel competition of our Festival, part of the Avon Campaign for early discovery of breast cancer. From 13 September to 27 October, we invite Romanian film producers (professional, student or amateur) to create short movies that illustrate, in a powerful and memorable way, the message of the Anti Breast Cancer Campaign: the Promise of going to the regular breast control – the best way to discover breast cancer in its early stages. We provoke you to create movies strong enough to convince every woman to make the Promise. The competition is open for Romanian film makers, so the Brief and the Regulations are available in Romanian only. Read the AVON Movie for Life page to find all the opportunities participants will have, including winning the prizes – a total of 3.000 euros.
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