Kinofest is the first digital film festival in Romania, since 2007.

Kinofest has the explicit goal of promoting young film-makers, artists and their work – film, music and visual art-wise; and, also, to cultivate the interest in and promote the arts and media culture among the general public throught independent film, video and new media making.

Kinofest includes 3 competitions (Animation, Fiction, Micromovie), with 3 distinct juries. Each competition will have only one winner: Best Animation, Best Fiction, Best Micromovie.

The 4th edition of the festival, Kinofest 2010, will last longer: 5 days, instead of 3. We’ll have more time to present you more films, more concerts and various events and expositions. I, therefore, invite you to join me once again in this ambitious project, from 3 to 7 November 2010, at The National Museum of Contemporary Art, in Bucharest, hoping only for the best.

Valentin Partenie

Festival Director

Telephone: +40 722721212

PO Box 126 PO 22 – Bucharest, Romania

E-mail: kinofestival@gmail.com valentinpartenie@yahoo.com

See more about the previous editions of Kinofest: 2009 | 2008 | 2007

Get in the Kinofest atmosphere!

Kinofest 2010 – Let’s Get Digital!

Kinofest 2010 will amaze every pixel of you!




Kinofest 2009: 23 hours of Festival, 200 films from 21 countries 3 International Digital Film Competitions, 2 Live Concerts, Special projections, Best Of Selection, Off-Competition Programs, AVON Movie for Life Shortfilm Competition

Kinofest 2009 – On digital, you shoot till it’s perfect / Take 2

Kinofest 2008: 18 hours of Festival, 160 films from 21 countries

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